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Liquid Poach & Chap Case Study


When the cultural phenomenon that is Fortnite first burst onto the scene, professional esports organizations raced frantically to pick up the best players and most popular influencers. For Ryan “Chap” Chaplo and Jake “Poach” Brumleve, they knew their path to success was to make a name for themselves in the competitive scene. Prior to their introduction to Liquid Media, their numbers across all social platforms paled in comparison to already established names in the game.



Social Platform Pre Liquid Media Post Liquid Media
Twitter 6,348 Followers 62,054 Followers
Twitch 4,516 Followers, 213 Avg. Viewers 248,289 Followers, 1,965 Avg. Viewers
Youtube 373 Subscribers 60,739 Subscribers
Instagram 89 Followers 8,592 Followers


Social Platform Pre Liquid Media Post Liquid Media
Twitter 1,382 Followers 59,003 Followers
Twitch 2,120 Followers, 78 Avg. Viewers 263,773 Followers, 4,056 Avg. Viewers
Youtube 349 Subscribers 60,363 Subscribers
Instagram 0 Followers 29,143 Followers


With their focus dialed in on competing, Chap and Poach were unable to set time aside to cultivate neither a community nor a following the young talents were deserving of. Both believed it to be impossible to stay on the road of improvement if creating and maintaining a personality added to their long list of responsibilities, and insisted on streaming only the bare minimum hours that were required. Alongside our team of expert brand managers and Team Liquid’s resources, they quickly rose to the top of the Fortnite channels and the earnings lists.

With our acutely designed highlight strategy, we took what the players were most known for, consistent montage-worthy clips and moments, and shaped their social media presence around them. With a simple, effective scheduling process and consistently fresh content to encourage page revisits has amassed over one million views year-to-date.

“Liquid Media has helped with the growth of both Poach’s and Chap’s brands tremendously. Their streams saw rapid growth, and, despite how fast it all happened, the Liquid Media team came together and got them 30 emotes a piece made, branding, a high quality set up with notifications, screen transitions, and contributed to making their communities what they are today.” – Kory “Symbolic” Arruda, Team Liquid Fortnite Manager